Will iPad2 Be Used in Education?

As techonlogy is improving, more teachers have started using electronic devices for classrooms.  Also there are few programs that came out from online app store such as SAT vocabulary and TOFEL vocabulary, which are very helpful.

The question is:  “Will iPad2 Be Used in Education?” Personal answer is “yes”.   Why?  Because those programs have already been used for a while and they work really well.  Currently and in the future, additional creative things will continue to appear in the world and it will continue to be useful in the classroom setting.

Example news from the United Kingdom…

The school couldn’t afford enough laptops to make a meaningful difference, but the iPod touch was considered, since internet access was a big factor. “We realised the iPod touch was cheap enough to give one to everybody,” says Fraser, “but teachers had issues with what it couldn’t do.”

At the time, the iPod touch couldn’t output to a projector nor connect to a mechanical keyboard, but the school nonetheless continued forming its plans. And then the iPad arrived.

Read additional information at:  Techradar.com

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